Paper outline

You must meet with me to show me an outline of your paper for either the first or the second paper assignment. (You may do both, but you do not get any extra points for that.) Your outline must include source references, a thesis statement, and a summary of each contributing fact and idea. These will be scheduled sometime before the deadline for the paper. Come to my office hours or set a meeting time with me using this calendar. My office is in Rowley 1015.

This assignment is worth 5 points.  

Your outline must include the following:
  • Draft of your thesis. Your thesis is a sentence that has a single specific answer to the question posed in the assignment prompt.  
  • Summary of each contributing fact and idea. This should be a list of about 5 to 10 items that will eventually form the basis of paragraphs in your paper. Each item must contribute in some way to your thesis, and be in some way necessary to support the thesis. 
  • References. A list of the outside sources you will use in the paper.