Topic outline

You must meet with me in my office at least once as part of a study group to show me your group's outline of a topic related to part 2 of the course, before the exam on October 31. Set a meeting time with me using this calendar

This assignment is worth 5 points. 

Your topic outline must include a summary, definitions of the key points, and two or more complete international politics examples of at least one of the following concepts, using material drawn both from class and from the textbook:
  • Tragedy of the commons
  • Public good
  • Externality
  • Institution
  • Leadership
  • Self-enforcement
A study group is 3 to 5 people. Members of the group must be present in order to get credit. At the meeting, I will randomly choose someone from your group to walk me through the outline. I only need to see one copy of the outline, but you all should have it.