Assignment 1

Due September 25, emailed to me before class. 5 points.

Choose one of the three following statements. 
  1. Although religious faith may be a contributing factor to vote choices, in general people with lower incomes are more likely to vote for Democrats than Republicans even if they are religiously conservative. 
  2. Countries are especially vulnerable to violent revolutions if they experience a long period of economic depression or defeat in a major war. 
  3. International condemnation of human rights violations in countries governed by dictators rarely leads those countries to enact reforms that improve human rights. 
In a typed summary, no more than one page long, answer the following about the statement you chose:
  1. Identify the following elements:
    • Independent variable(s)
    • Dependent variable
    • Unit of analysis
  2. Explain what kind of observations might show that the statement is false.