Five response papers

These are peer reviews of other student papers. 4% each (20% total). Each response is a critical evaluation of a paper written by another student in the class, following an assigned format. Responses are at least one page each, and are due 1 week after they are assigned, by email sent both to me and to the paper’s author. You may write up to 2 additional high-quality reviews, for up to 3% in extra credit points each, by contacting me no later than March 26.
  • Your review must include the following elements: 
    • The question. What is the puzzle the student is supposed to be addressing? Is it stated clearly? Could it be stated better?
    • The thesis. What is the student's answer to that question? Does it make sense given the evidence presented, or could the thesis be restated or narrowed?
    • The reading to which the student's paper responds. What did the author of the reading say? Does the student's paper reflect an understanding of what the author said?
    • The evidence. What specific items does the student point to in order to demonstrate that the thesis is correct? Do any of these pieces of evidence not actually support the thesis? Are there missing pieces - claims that need evidence, or other pieces of evidence that would, in principle, help prove the thesis but that the student may not have thought to look for?
  • Be nice, but be firm. Other students will benefit most of you clearly tell them where their logic is unclear or misguided, and if you give them specific suggestions. Do not waste time telling people about grammatical errors or formatting issues. Focus on thesis, logic, and evidence.