UAE News Briefing

News briefing assignment. Due by email, no later than the end of the day on December 25.

Choose one of the following topics. Write a 300-400 word essay explaining the issue. What is going on right now, why is it important, and how can we understand it with some basic social science concepts. Please use at least one news article from a reputable source (NYT, BBC, Vox, and so one; not your friend's twitter feed) published after November 1. 

I will select some of the essays to share by email with the class, so that we are all up to speed on some basic current events as we arrive. 

  • UAE military intervention in Yemen
  • Gulf Cooperation Council relations, visit of Saudi King
  • 2016 Kuwait general election
  • Iran-Saudi relations
If you don't like any of these and have a better idea, let me know and I might approve it.