Final exam review

The exam consists of two parts: short-answer identification questions worth 2% each (choose 5 out of 8) and a short essay question worth 5% (choose 1 out of 2).

The short-answer IDs will be names of people. I will list 8 names, selected randomly from the list below. Choose any 5 of them, and do two things in your answer. First, identify some basic information about the person in one sentence (like, what role the person had in what country). Second, explain one significant thing about the person, and what his or her story shows about politics. This does not have to be long (one sentence could be enough) but needs to include at least a reference to some sort of analytic concept. 
Simón Bolívar
Fernando Cardoso
Fidel Castro
Hugo Chávez
Rafael Correa
Vicente Fox
Alberto Fujimori
Abimael Guzmán
Benito Juárez
Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
Carlos Menem
Evo Morales
Juan Perón
Augusto Pinochet
Dilma Rousseff
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
Álvaro Uribe
Manuel Zelaya

The short essay question will be on a broader topic. I will ask about a general theme, and expect you to write an answer that considers evidence from at least two different countries in Latin America. Your answer should have a thesis statement and then use facts and logic to support that thesis. I will list two specific questions; you may choose one of them to answer. The general themes from which I will select questions are:
Economic reforms and development
Political institutions (like presidentialism) and the stability of democracy
Social institutions (like the church, military, or family) and politics
Problems in state consolidation