Final Exam

Politics 386 Fall 2012 Final Exam

20 points. The exam is designed to take 60 minutes, but you may take the entire 150 minutes. Do not use books, notes, phones, audio devices, or other aids. Students found cheating will fail the course. Write all answers in your bluebook, and write your name on the cover. Do not remove any pages from your bluebook. Hand me your exam book when you are done, but if you wish you may keep these questions as a souvenir of all the fun times we had together. Good luck.

Part 1: Short identification questions. 10 points total. Address any 5 of the 7 terms. (I programmed my computer to randomly choose 7 of the terms posted on the web site.)

Identify and explain the item or person. Be sure to include something about the person of thing’s significance - why do we need to understand this person or thing in order to understand East Asian politics generally?

  1. Joint Communique on Arms Sales to Taiwan
  2. Kim Dae-Jung's sunshine policy
  3. Jiang Zemin
  4. Party Congress
  5. LDP
  6. Capital
  7. Cultural Revolution

Part 2: Essay question. 10 points total (5 points for each essay).

Your essay should be well-organized. Write a clear thesis statement near the beginning. Explain why interpretations that conflict with yours are wrong. Refer to at least two assigned readings.

  1. Does corruption in China pose a threat to China’s economic growth and political stability?
  2. What accounts for the “East Asian Development Miracle,” in which countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea experienced rapid economic growth from the 1960s through the 1980s?