Korea blog

Your assignment is to write at least three blog posts on the class blog for the trip at www.marymount-korea.net. You will need to create an account on Blogger for this if you do not already have one. Posts you write do not have to be shared with the rest of the world - when you write a post you can either choose "publish" for the whole world to see it or "save" for just the class to see it. 

Please write at least three posts:
  • Reaction to one of the substantive site visits (that is, not one of the tourist sites). At least one paragraph. A quick description of the thing we did, and a more detailed description of your reaction to it: what you thought was interesting or boring about it, what if anything you learned, and if and how it relates to anything we've covered in class. 
  • Reaction to living or travelling in Korea generally. Describe something you saw on the subway, street, store, or whatever, or someone you saw or met. Did something about it/him/her surprise you, or was it like what you expected?
  • Reaction to the trip as a whole. Near the end of the trip, or after returning home, describe some of your overall impressions.
In addition, please feel free to post quick updates or pictures during the trip. I suggest installing the blogger app on your phone or tablet to make it easier while travelling (android|ios).