Blogging about an event in DC

Some world politics courses offer extra credit for attending an event in DC and writing a blog post about it. Getting engaged in events in the area is, in any case, a great way to learn some really interesting things and to get to know more about the various institutes and agencies in DC. To complete the extra credit assignment, follow these steps:

1. Choose an event to attend. At the bottom of this page is a calendar of suggested upcoming events; the calendar is updated frequently during the school year, so check back periodically. Any event listed here is one that has already been approved for most world politics courses (except for those with a particular regional focus). Email me in advance to get approval for an event that is not listed here. 

2. Make a reservation and then show up on time. Note that most events are free and open to the public, but require an advance reservation. When attending an event, please be considerate of other attendees and dress and act appropriately. 

3. Discreetly take a picture of yourself there (or your group if you are going with others). I may ask you for this, depending on the course requirements. 

4. Log in to the world politics blog (if you can't get access to the World Politics site at this point, it is because you haven't been added to the system - email me). Update your profile with your first and last name. Select "add new" and then "post" from the menu at the top.

5. Write a short post summarizing the event you attended. Include a description of the speaker and what he or she said, as well as anything you learned that you found interesting. Examples of posts other students have made are here

6. Save your post when you are done writing it. Your post won't be published on the site unless I approve it, and even then it won't be made publicly visible unless you want it to. 

Suggested World Politics Events in the DC Area