POL 386

Politics of East Asia

POL 386 - Fall 2021

This course is tentatively a "Global Classroom" course that includes a study abroad component in Taiwan at the end of the semester.

General Information

Professor Chad Rector

The course will meet regularly on campus as a regular fall semester course. At the end of the fall 2021 semester the course will travel as a group to Taiwan, for part of the winter break (over December and January) for a two week series of site visits. Both the fall semester course meetings and assignments as well as the travel component are required elements of the course.

This course meets Marymount's "Global Perspectives," "Writing Intensive," and "Advanced Social Science" requirements.

Students must apply for the course through the Center for Global Education.


Three books are required for the course: (TBA)

In addition, students should purchase:

    • guidebooks and city maps that cover Taiwan (example)

    • practice chopsticks (example)

Participants in the course should:

    • bring a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to use while in-country to communicate and to take pictures for photo essay assignments

    • be prepared for a physically-demanding program in a humid environment

    • bring walking shoes or boots and clothing appropriate for the weather

    • be prepared to eat food that may not be familiar

    • be prepared to be immersed, with an open mind, in a culture that may not be familiar